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Hard-cem_Integral Hardening Admixture


Hard-Cem is an integral hardener admixture used to increase the resistance of concrete to abrasion and erosion.

Hard-Cem is added to concrete during mixing to increase its hardness and extend its useful life. Overcomes the shortcomings of labor-intensive surface-applied hardeners. It also improves the durability of concretes with and without air inclusion. Since it is integral, it can be used in horizontal, vertical, inclined and cast concrete.

Como Funciona

When added to concrete, Hard-Cem technology increases the hardness of the concrete paste and reduces the exposure of coarse and fine aggregates that cause degradation of the concrete surface. Since it is integral, it provides resistance to surface wear throughout its useful life. By increasing the service life against concrete abrasion and erosion, maintenance costs are reduced and concrete replacement is substantially delayed.

Product Benefits

  • Extends the life of concrete up to 6 times even under severe conditions
  • Reduces installation cost *
  • Accelerate the construction program *
  • Reduces maintenance costs and improves concrete sustainability
  • Improves safety on site (dust-free) *
  • Improve quality control *
  • Only hardener that can be used on air entrained concrete
  • It has no effect on water demand, workability, setting time, and development of strengths and shrinkage.
  • Full thickness of concrete hardens *
  • It can be used on horizontal, vertical or sloped concrete.
  • Easy to use; only adds to concrete
  • * compared to surface hardeners applied by spraying


Hard-Cem can be used in any ready-mix, shot, or precast concrete to increase resistance to abrasion and erosion wear and extend the life of concrete. It is typically used in the construction of:

  • Industrial warehouse floors
  • Service and repair bays
  • Bridges (bearing structures)
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Ramps and parking structures
  • Tunnels, ports and inspection shafts
  • Maintenance of utility buildings
  • Highway pavements and intersections
  • Floors of pig, poultry and livestock farms.

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