Productos Kryton

El Aditivo para Morteros Krystol (KMA)

Krystol Mortar Additive (KMA) is a crystalline hydrophilic admixture used to provide long-term protection in mortar fillings, masonry mortars and concrete masonry elements by reducing the permeability and absorption of mortars.

KMA simplifies installation by eliminating the need to apply surface sealers and is easily incorporated into rendering mortars, stucco or other prepared products. KMA provides superior waterproofing performance that reduces building maintenance and repair costs.

Como Funciona

KMA contains Krystol technology. When added to cementitious mortars or concrete masonry elements, Krystol reacts with water and non-hydrated cement particles to form millions of insoluble needle-like crystals that clog capillary pores and microcracks in concrete, blocking migration of water and water soluble contaminants. Any moisture that enters during the life of the concrete will reactivate the crystallization process, ensuring permanent waterproof protection.

Beneficios del Producto

  • Reduces upfront construction costs compared to surface applied sealants.
  • Simplify installation by eliminating labor and shortening construction times.
  • Increases mortar life and decreases building maintenance and repair costs.
  • Increases durability and offers a permanent solution with materials designed to last the life of the mortar.
  • Helps maintain original appearance and cleanliness so the building’s appeal lasts longer.


KMA gives you permanent protection for:

  • Plaster or mortar mortars (including stucco and other thin coating mixtures) on masonry walls or other prepared substrates
  • Masonry mortars (example, mortar that is applied between masonry units)
  • Concrete masonry elements (block and brick manufacturing)